Countertop Edge Profiles and Their Functions

Being Edgy About Your Counters
Make sure you pick the right edging for your counters for looks and function!

Whether your new kitchen or bath includes a granite countertop, or one made of marble or quartz countertops, the right edge style will make a world of difference to your whole kitchen. Choosing the right edge profile also impacts cleaning and safety.

Edges are listed in order of ascending cost.

You can examine samples of each these edges at the Stonecrafters Showroom!

Eased Edge

An Eased Edge is the most traditional look for your granite, marble, or quartz countertops. It is slightly beveled at the top and is used in contemporary kitchen and bathroom designs. It is called “eased” because the corners are not a straight, sharp edge. It’s simple and easy to clean.

Eased Countertop Edge

Beveled Edge

For a more modern appearance, choose a Beveled Edge. A bevel creates a shapely, modern look and can make the countertop appear thicker. Should you have a spill, the water will run off away from the cabinets, avoiding damage.

Quarter Bevel Countertop Edge

Bullnose Edges

Bullnose Edges are among the most popular and perfect for a high traffic, family kitchen. The edges are rounded, so bumping into them at a high speed — think of a child running in to get a snack — is not as much of an issue as a straighter edge.

Full Bullnose

A Full Bullnose offers a contemporary feel. It is rounded at the top and the bottom and softens the feel of the kitchen area.

Full Bullnose Countertop Edge

Half Bullnose

A Half Bullnose has a rounded top and a straight bottom edge, which can show off some of the details of the marble, granite or quartz you are using.
Both styles give the benefit of letting water run off and away from the cabinets.

Half Bullnose Countertop Edge

Pencil Top Edges

Pencil Top Edges are softly rounded like a pencil at the top with a slight bevel at the bottom. It is a contemporary style, is also safe for high-traffic areas, and is easy to clean.

Pencil Top Countertop Edge

Ogee Edges

Ogee Edges, named after ogee arches in architecture, have multiple curves and make an elegant statement in your kitchen.

Regular Ogee Edge

Regular Ogee Countertop Edge

The Regular Ogee has an s-like curve — concave, then convex.

Fancy Ogee

A Fancy Ogee has two concave curves on top of a convex curve and is a real hallmark of a vintage, sophisticated kitchen or bathroom.

Fancy Ogee Countertop Edge

Waterfall Edge

The Waterfall Edge is our most ornate with three convex, cascading curves. It has a smooth, flowing look and really shows off the details of the stone. This edge is perfect for any kitchen —traditional or contemporary — where you want to make a granite, quartz, or marble countertop the star attraction.

Waterfall Countertop Edge

Whichever countertops you choose, whether for your full kitchen redo, kitchen island, or bathroom vanities, choose Stonecrafters, Inc. for ideas, materials, and consultation. Stonecrafters offers the finest, handcrafted stone and the undisputed reliability and service customers in northwest Chicagoland have come to expect.