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We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your project!​

The steps detailed below are designed to make it easy to send us your plans. We then will promptly prepare a preliminary estimate for your project.

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Initial Showroom Visit

This is optional but highly recommended. For first time stone buyers, a visit to our showroom can be invaluable.

We provide a no-pressure environment to help you to make informed decisions about your custom stone investment. Our customer service associates will assist you in the design and selection of options and colors. You can view actual stone top displays and stone slabs, edge samples and multiple color samples.

You will leave as a more educated consumer with improved confidence in your design decisions.

Or request an In-Home Consultation to have a Stonecrafters associate visit to assist you in the estimate and selection processes!

Stonecrafters Showroom

Your Initial Design Sketch

Prepare a sketch or drawing of your project showing the size of your sections. The measurements and sketches that you provide to us are used by our staff to prepare a preliminary estimate for your project.

Absolute accuracy at this stage is helpful but not critical. Dimensions are later verified with an on-sight field measurement by our staff.

Print and use our handy Measurement Guide Form as an aid for making your sketch easy with instructions and a grid space for adding your details.

You can also print a Estimate Request Form to help organize your options and required details (like the ones listed below).

Indicate Cutouts & Cabinetry

Indicate where cutouts are required for appliances, cook tops and sinks.

Determine if:

  • your sink will be mounted under or over the surface of the counter
  • the exact area of the new counter top location
  • if existing appliances will remain. If new appliances will be purchased, will this change the existing layout?

Determine if a new kitchen sink(s) or faucet(s) will be added. If you are looking for a simple new sink solution, our showroom stocks a selection of the most popular kitchen sink styles to help you save both time and money.

If the cabinetry is remaining and not being relocated, sketch the shape of your existing layout.

Using a tape measure, start to measure the length and width of your existing countertops. This should begin at one end of a cabinet/appliance/wall and continue the entire length of the run. In a layout that is located in the corner of two adjoining walls, measure the length of the run to the actual inside wall corner. When completed, measure the depths of all areas starting at the back wall running to the front edge of the existing countertop.

We are able to produce curved corners and countertop sections with a radius. Sketch these as accurately as possible. Our field measure technician will generate a final drawing for your approval prior to fabrication and installation.

Select Material and Color

Granite? Quartz? Marble? Making a selection is best accomplished by visiting our showroom or one of our distributors.

Our stone products vary in price by color and type. Our staff will work with you to help determine the right product for both your decor and your budget.

Select Thickness

The vast majority of countertop material that we sell is 1¼” (3 cm) thick. We also have ¾” (2 cm) materials available.

Select Edge Style

All visible edges of your custom stone creation should be polished and shaped. View these examples to help. Again, a visit to our showroom to view the actual product will make your final decision easier.

Select A Backsplash

Determine the height of countertop backsplash guards. Standard height (4″) or full height (dimension from the countertop to cabinet bottom or ceiling).

Send Us Your Info

Send us your sketch or drawing along with your completed Estimate Request Form by fax, email or US Mail for a prompt preliminary estimate.

Once we have your measurements and specifications, we’ll submit a preliminary estimate for the proposed work. Should you wish to modify any of the items, we will promptly issue a revised estimate. Once all details are finalized, we are ready proceed with field measurements and a final quote.

Note: our preliminary estimates are contingent on our actual field measurements.

Field Measurement and Final Quotation

We will schedule a convenient time for an on-sight measurement by one of our staff.

We then submit a formal drawing or plan for your project along with our final quotation for your approval.

We're Here To Help!

Contact us for assistance at any point in the process.

Or, visit our showroom for assistance from our staff.

The Stonecrafters staff is committed to the success of your project!

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