Is a Quartz Bathroom Right for Your Home?

A Quartz Bathroom Looks Amazing – But Is It Right for Your Home?

Quartz bathrooms are popular in new home construction and among homeowners remodeling their bathrooms.  It’s a sleek, modern, beautiful material that instantly creates a look that feels straight out of a magazine.

Of course, like all building materials, there are pros and cons to quartz.  No single material will ever be right for every project.  Here are some of the matters we discuss with our customers and partners whenever they come to us asking about creating a bathroom with quartz shower walls, floors, or vanities.

Definite Advantages

A timeless, seamless look

Tastes in design come and go, but the sleek look of quartz is unlikely to ever go totally out of style. A quartz bathroom could have been installed in the height of the Deco era or it could have been made yesterday. Few materials have that kind of staying power.

And because quartz is man-made of natural materials, it’s available in a wide range of styles and colors. It can be shaped to fit any space or design.


Quartz is nearly impervious.  As a material, quartz is non-porous, incredibly strong, waterproof, and resistant to chipping and cracking as well.  It’s a good thing it has a timeless look because a quartz bathroom could outlive the rest of the house.

Easy maintenance

Quartz is incredibly simple to clean and to keep clean. Most of the time, you only need soap and water to clean it. Quartz is resistant to bacteria and mildew.

Choosing quartz slabs also means fewer seams and, unlike a tiled bath, no grout to clean!


Quartz is heavy

Quartz is among the heaviest materials you could use on your bathroom walls and counters, and that can be a serious consideration.  Before installing quartz, you want to verify the room and its support structures could hold up several hundred pounds (at least) of dense stone.

Vertical slabs of quartz especially require careful handling and installation, which can increase labor costs.

Chemical sensitivity

Both acidic and alkaline products can cause permanent etching or other damage to quartz.  This is easy to avoid, but something quartz owners must always remain aware of.


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