How Long Will My Project Take?

Once you have made your decision to proceed and have submitted your initial (50%) deposit, we will schedule a field measurement within one week. From there, your fabrication and installation typically takes two to three weeks.


I’m on a tight timetable. How can I avoid problems and delays?

This is where your cooperation makes a difference. In order for your project to progress on schedule, we need your assistance in advance of two events: Field Measurement and Installation. Missing elements will delay the process. Changes in specifications after these events will definitely result in a delay.  We need the customer’s cooperation to get it right the first time. You can expect our Project Managers will proactively request the following in pursuit of a smooth, successful completion.


Field Measurement Requirements

  • Material Selection and location of material (if not in our inventory)
  • Edge detail selected.
  • Sink templates and/or sinks to be used (if applicable)
  • Cabinets installed and leveled
  • Faucets, soap dispensers, cook tops, etc.

Pre-Installation Requirements

  • All measurement requirements are met
  • Signed Proposal
  • Signed Order Confirmation Form
  • Signed Countertop Layout Sheet
  • Signed Additional Terms And Conditions
  • Slabs selected and tagged
  • 50% deposit

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