How to Select a Stone Fabricator

What questions should you ask a stone fabricator?

First, questions to ask yourself:

  • Aside from the overall cost of the project, what are my most significant concerns?
  • How fussy am I about quality workmanship?
  • Do I have a way to get prompt answers to my questions and issues?
  • Do I feel comfortable that the people I’m working with understand and care about the success of my project?
  • Does the caliber of laborer working in my home make a difference to me?
  • Am I concerned about our environment?
  • To what degree am I willing to compromise these issues for the sake of price?

Once you understand what is important to you, here are…

Questions to ask your prospective fabricators:

  • Do you use your own installers or third party contractors?
  • How do you stand behind your work?
  • How current are your fabrication techniques? Why does that make a difference?
  • What measures do you take to assure there are reputable people working in our home?
  • Will your quoted price include everything we need, or might we be surprised by extras and add-ons after we commit?
  • When it comes to edge polish quality, what measures are taken to assure a quality finish?
  • When it comes to seams, what do you do to assure minimum visibility?
  • What is your on-time delivery record?
  • If I should have a problem, what is your company’s policy for providing a remedy?
  • What systems do you have in place to comply with EPA clean water regulations for avoiding discharge of process water into our environment?
  • Does your company measure customer satisfaction? If so, how do you rate?

Your understanding of the difference in prospective fabricators can make the difference between lasting satisfaction and remodeler’s remorse.

At Stonecrafters, we are frequently called upon to repair the mistakes of our lower caliber competitors.

We continuously measure our customers’ perceptions of our core values: quality, responsive service and integrity.

We avoid any and all deceptive pricing practices.

Our fabrication facilities do not discharge process waste into the environment and proudly comply with both local and federal clean water regulations.

We invite you to ask us any member of the Stonecrafters Team: How is your company doing with your Customer Satisfaction ratings?

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