Stonecrafters’ Green Initiatives

The Challenge

The by-products of the stone fabrication process can potentially have adverse effects on downstream agricultural land and adversely impact drinking water aquifers. Discharge water from stone cutting operations could contain regulated pollutants, such as residue and sediment from the stone itself, and lubricants or any other chemicals associated with use of the cutting equipment.

Some small stone fabricators cut corners and avoid detection and compliance with EPA clean water regulations. Compliance is costly.  It requires an investment in filtration systems and sludge removal.  So rather than comply, they pollute their local environment by emptying their waste into local storm and sanitary sewer systems. Avoiding the expense of compliance helps them to offer bargain pricing. They profit while breaking our environmental laws.

Our Solution: Green Initiatives

At Stonecrafters, we make an ongoing investment in comprehensive “closed loop” water filtration systems. These systems eliminate the need to discharge water used in our fabrication process. The water used in our stone cutting process is contained and recycled for repeated reuse. Our filtered by-products are also recycled for use as manufacturing material in other industries. We carefully maintain our filtration systems for a greener, safer community environment. It’s part of the Stonecrafters Difference.