Why Should I Choose Stonecrafters?

Thanks for asking! While are pricing is competitive, our best customers are looking for something more.

  • They value how we handle all of the details that go into producing a superior quality product and our responsive service.
  • They don’t want to be pressured to make a purchase.
  • They want to work with professionals in every step of the process, especially with those who perform work in their home.
  • They want their project completed on-time, with minimum disruption to their home and their lives.

However, our customer comments say it better than we ever could!

Do you have a Showroom?

We do! The purpose of our showroom is to educate, not to sell. Our staff will assist you in making educated decisions on color, style and edge design. In addition to the showroom, we have an inventory of 100’s of stone slabs for you to examine. When you’re ready to buy, you can select the actual stone slab(s) that will be used for fabrication of your project. We also work with several stone distributors located around the Chicago suburbs where you can visit and select the stone slabs for your project.

What if I can’t find the color I’m looking for at Stonecrafters? 

For unique and hard to find stone colors and patterns, we will assist you by working with our affiliated local distributors that give us access to thousands of slab choices.